A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

The term ‘Virtual Assistant’ has become commonplace in the last year.

You’ve heard it, you probably know some Virtual Assistant’s but what do they actually DO?

This is a question that I get asked all the time, so let's look at a typical day to gain a little insight!

I try to have a bit of structure on my working day but the truth is that every day is different.

Depending on what my clients have going on, what ad hoc work

I have in a particular month or what I have going on in my own life, each day varies.

But that’s part of the magic!

I love that no two days are the same and that I get to work with talented business owners and professionals in a range of different industries.

The flexibility of the role also means that if I have something going on myself or if I have a tight deadline for a client, the rest of my work can be moved around.

Living this virtual life means that you can work at whatever time you like.

Maybe you’re an early riser and like to get all of your work done early or perhaps early mornings aren’t your thing, as long as the work gets done and your deadlines are met, it doesn’t matter what time you do your work at.

There is also a great flexibility in location.

As long as you have your laptop and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Due to the pandemic, I've not had the opportunity to avail of this perk, so all of my work is completed in my home office (Dreaming of a winter month spent in a sunny location!!).

A Typical Day:

8am – 9am: Preparation For The Day

I like to take the first hour of the day to get my head in the game!

Besides drinking lots of tea, I would usually:

  • Check my merged calendar and note what meetings I have that day;

  • Check my own emails along with my merged inbox and reply to quick queries;

  • Check my list of priorities for that day;

  • Check my work phone for notifications.

9am – 12pm: Clients Work & Meetings

After I’ve checked what’s happening that day and prioritised my work, I get stuck in!

I have three types of Clients.

Retainer Clients who I typically work with on a daily basis.

By the hour clients who I work with regularly but not daily.

Ad-hoc Clients who come to me with a specific task or project as needed.

During this time I would typically focus on my retainer Clients.

These Clients know how much support they need each month which means that I have time set aside for them each day in my diary.

The work varies from:

  • Basic administration;

  • Writing;

  • Content creation and scheduling;

  • To project management;

  • Assistance with courses & webinars;

  • And client interaction.

I would usually have meetings during this time too.

On average, I have about 5 zoom meetings a week although I try not to schedule meetings on Mondays or Fridays as I find those days are important for planning!

12pm – 1pm: Ad-Hoc Tasks & Projects

During this hour I would usually spend some time on the one-off projects that I’m working on.

These projects could be ghost writing blogs and articles, website changes or even organising an online storage space. It really varies!

1pm – 2pm: Lunch Hour

I have this hour blocked off as lunch in my diary but, on any given day, that could be different.

Usually though I could spend it popping to the shop, doing something in the garden or going for a walk with my canine companion.

2pm – 4.30pm: Clients Work & Meetings

After lunch I get stuck straight back into my client work and may have some more meetings!

I sent regular updates to my Clients so that they know where we are with a particular project or task. These updates could be sent by email, voice note or video!

It depends on the length of the update and my Clients preferences.

4.30pm – 5pm: The Daily Review

At the end of each day, I like to review how the day went and take note of the priorities for the next day.

Taking this time means that I'm already getting organised for the next day and makes it easier to prep the next morning.

I will also check my merged inbox to see if there are any quick queries that I can reply to.

I try to finish my day's between 5pm/5.30pm so that I can enjoy my evening!

Some day's I may have a networking event or online course to attend after my day's work.

Whilst that is what a typical day looks like for me, I do have day's where I don't stick to these hours. If the weather is good, I may work in the evening instead!

In my profession, no two days are the same which I really enjoy.

I absolutely love working virtually.

Having spent years commuting into the City centre and living what I call

'The Hamster Wheel" lifestyle, I'm delighted to have found a profession that I enjoy and can fit around my own lifestyle.

Have any questions about remote working?

Feel free to get in touch!

Until next time,


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