Having Trouble Finding Clients?

It's been a minute since I last posted a blog!

September was a lot busier than I had anticipated and there were a few curve balls thrown in my direction. It was pretty stressful at the time, however, I learned lots of lessons from them! (Cue future blog post sharing those learnings with you!).

But today we're talking finding Clients.

Finding Clients can be one of the hardest parts of running your own freelance business.

Whether you are looking for your first client or you’re having a lull in your business, it’s never an easy task to battle.

At times it feels like you're shouting from the rooftops about your business but nobody is listening!

Sometimes it can feel easier to quit and go back to your old job than keep looking.

I Am Here To Encourage You To Stay Strong!!

If you are having trouble finding Clients, I have four important questions that you should ask yourself to figure out why.

I'm also going to share how I found my first regular Client with you and I bet its not how you think!!

Here we go - Four Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Having Trouble Finding Clients:

1. Am I Connecting With People?

Connecting with people isn't just about following them on social media and liking their posts in the hope they will like yours back.

Nope.. It's about having real conversations and building real relationships.

Back when I first started out I met a business owner who does something completely different to me, in fact I doubt he'll ever need my services.

He invited me to a Networking meeting and I went.

Ever since we have kept in touch and he recommends me to people all the time.

Bottom line - Business relationships are important.

Genuinely connect with people inside and outside your industry, start conversations and be friendly. At the very least, it could lead to finding some business besties!!

2. Am I Being Clear?

You're posting on social media letting people know that you are there to help, so why aren't they accepting it?!

Ask yourself - Am I being clear?

Do they know exactly what it is that I can help them with?

A tweak in your messaging could be required!

Be clear on the services you provide and how that will help your potential Client so that they can connect the dots.

3. Am I Showing My Face?!

Sure, we know that we are real life human beings behind our businesses but that doesn't mean potential Clients do!!

Showing your face is the best way to show who you are!

It's so much easier to relate to real people than to static posts.

Bonus points for posting videos where people can see your face AND hear your voice.

4. Can My Business Be Found Outside Of Social Media?

We love social media but it's not the be all and end all.

Think of your ideal Client -

  • Is there a possibility that they might not be active on social media?

  • Where would they look instead?

Having a website or being part of an online directory is another way that they can find you.

The Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland has a great directory for virtual freelancers in Ireland - You can join it here for free!

How I Found My First Regular Client:

I want to share this story with you because while it's not always talked about, we all start off in the same place!

I got my first regular client through a #jobopp job opportunity in a Facebook group.

Yep... Bet you didn’t expect me to say that!!

I was a month into my business and while I had done some associate work and worked on a couple of projects, I had still to find a regular Client.

The opportunity was posted in a random group that I wasn’t a part of and somebody linked me to it. It's from there that the ball really started rolling for me!

Facebook job opportunities are invaluable. I didn't know where to look for that Client and he didn't know where to look for me!

From that Client I got Testimonials and feedback which helped me to find more Clients.

Once people know you have worked for someone else and do good work, they are more likely to engage you themselves, so don't be afraid to share testimonials!

And yes, we are still working together today!

In fact, we're going to meet in real life for the first time in the coming weeks!

Don't be afraid to apply for #jobopp job opportunities in facebook groups, they are exactly what could get the ball rolling for you!!

Have any other questions about finding Clients?

Feel free to get in touch on socials or contact me at

Until next time,


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