How To Manage Multiple Clients...

Running a virtual service based business means working with multiple clients, from different industries, all at once.

In the beginning it can be pretty easy to manage the workload.

But what happens when your business grows?

When suddenly you have multiple regular clients who are all contacting you, sending you instructions and each have their own deadlines that you must work to?

It can be easy to feel bogged down by the emails, messages, voice notes, tasks and instructions. It can feel hard to juggle it all.

I feel you, I've been there!

Firstly, I think you should give yourself a pat on the back!

This is a growing pain that we all go through and ultimately it's means that your business is growing!! (Whoop! well done!!)

Next, It's time to get a plan in place.

I have found time blocking to be the secret ingredient when it comes to managing multiple clients.

It might sound simple and in a way, it is!

But to do this effectively, there's some prep involved...

  • Step 1 - Review your clients, how many hours you do for them and how often.

  • Step 2 - Break this time down into daily, weekly or monthly time blocks.

  • Step 3 - Fit those blocks of time into your calendar.

  • Step 4 - Communicate with your Clients, let them know how and when you do their tasks and read/reply to their correspondence.

Being open with your Clients about how and when you deal with their tasks and correspondence is most important here!

Communication is everything!

In my own experience, Clients are very understanding once you keep them up to date and they understand how you work.

Keeping communication regular and transparent is key to great client relationships!

I'll be honest, starting a business during a Pandemic has meant that there was very little to do over the past year but work and focus on my business.

And while that has benefited the growth of my business, it also means that I wasn't making much time for myself.

This Friday I am finishing up for 2 weeks holidays and believe me, that's going to be different when I come back!

With the help of my fab Coach, I have already put a plan in place on how I am going to manage my time so that I have more free time for myself, once I'm back (very exciting!!).

MVA is turning one this week (eeeekk!!)

Keep an eye out for next weeks blog where I'll be sharing the biggest lessons I've learned in my first year of business with you!

Until then,

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