The 4 Key Tools Used By Virtual Freelancers...

As a Virtual Freelancer, you use many different online tools throughout your working day. Whether they are related to your own business activities or they are tools that your Clients require you to use to help them in their businesses.

However, there are 4 key tools that virtual freelancers use on a daily basis to assist them in running their online businesses.

Here is a roundup of those all important tools:

Time Tracking Tools:

Lots of Virtual Freelancers are paid according to the time that they work and provide their clients with a time report along with their invoice at the end of the month.

Using a time tracking tool is the most accurate method of calculating how much time you have spent working on a particular client or project.

There are many different time trackers available out there, from Clockify to Harvest and Toggl, most of them with a free version.

Project Management Tools:

With so many different tasks getting thrown in your direction from different Clients, how do you keep track?

Project Management tools help you to keep all of your tasks and projects in one organised space.

You can set due dates for tasks and add notes to them so that nothing gets forgotten about.

Just like time tracking, there are loads of different project

management tools out there and most of them offer a free version. From Asana to click up and, to name a few, it’s really about finding the one that you like the most and find the easiest to navigate.

Password Management & Protection Tools:

As a Virtual Freelancer, you may be required to access accounts that belong to your clients.

Of course, you need login details to do that!

Having a million different passwords belonging to other people saved in your browser is not secure.

That’s why we use password managers!

There are so many of them out there, again offering free

versions. Password managers also give your clients an extra layer of security as they can share a login with you, without you actually knowing what the password is and have the ability to revoke your access at any time.

Social Media Scheduling Tools:

As a Virtual Freelancer you market yourself and your services online, usually through social media.

The thing is though, the busier that you get at work, the less time you'll have to do your social media on the fly!

That's where social media scheduling comes in.

You can plan your content well in advance and have it post automatically so that you won't need to worry about it on a daily basis!

Buffer, Hootsuite and Later are just a few of your options.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to learn about the virtual life?

Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Ellie x


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