Setting Clear Boundaries In Your Business...

Boundary - a line which marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.

Hello dear reader,

It's a new week and we are edging closer and closer to a new beginning in 2022!

Not loving the dark mornings and evenings, so, I'm using this month as a time to reflect and get my ducks in a row for the new year (before the Christmas rush!).

So, let's talk about Boundaries..

Have you set clear boundaries in your business?!

When I was first starting out in business, I read about boundaries and the importance of them, But I didn't fully understand it until I was living it!!

As human beings, we need boundaries.

We may have the very best of intentions but if we don't lay down some boundaries, it will lead to situations that we really would rather not be in!

Our biggest strength as Virtual Business Owners is the ability to work anywhere at any time but that, coincidentally, is also our biggest weakness.

The reality is, if we don't have clear boundaries in place, we could easily end up working 24/7 with the freedom that we once craved, left far behind.

In order to maintain the lifestyle that we want (and some sanity!), it's important to set clear boundaries.

And I'm not just talking boundaries with Clients here, we also need to set boundaries with ourselves and in other areas too.

So let's dive right in...

The Benefits Of Setting Clear Boundaries In Your Business

⭐️ Expectations are clearly communicated and managed;

⭐️ Improves working processes;

⭐️ Helps you to achieve higher productivity;

⭐️ Avoid burnout;

⭐️ Assists you to manage your time better AND get some time back!.

Boundaries With Clients

Communicating clear boundaries with Clients helps to manage expectations and reduce the likelihood of conflict.

When you start working with a Client, communicate -

⭐️ Your working hours;

⭐️ Modes of contact;

⭐️ Turnaround times;

⭐️ Your conditions of payment;

These points can be included in your contract, terms and conditions or in a dedicated document.

While it is important to communicate these boundaries at the beginning of the working relationship, truly collaborative working relationships change all the time.

So, allow for change to what suits the working relationship without crossing your boundaries.

Top Tip: Become best friends with the 'schedule send' function when working outside of your normal working hours.

Boundaries With Social Media

It's very very easy to become completely engrossed in social media.

I love social media, it is a fantastic place to meet new people, network and market your business. Just don't allow it to become a time suck!

⭐️ Decide how often you will post to your business accounts and stick to that;

⭐️ Set time aside to batch create and schedule;

⭐️ Decide which aspects of your life you will and will not show on social media;

⭐️ Unfollow accounts that cause you to compare yourself negatively;

⭐️ Turn distracting notifications off.

Top Tip: Only share aspects of your life that you and your family are comfortable sharing on social media. We're Business Owners, not reality TV stars!

Boundaries With Yourself

It's all well and fine to set boundaries with Clients and with social media but if we don't set them with ourselves, what was the point?

The biggest problem virtual business owners have, is the urge to continue working outside of our regular working hours.

The temptation to work in bed, while half watching the TV or to get 'just one more thing done' is real.

To avoid the urge to continue working -

⭐️ Remind yourself of the boundaries you have set and why;

⭐️ Create morning and evening routines to help you transition into and out of work mode;

⭐️ Turn off your laptop when you are finished working;

Top Tip: Get a separate phone for work, gamechanger!

Keep in mind that boundaries are something that need to be maintained and, at times, reset (We're only human!!) - Keep an eye out for more on how to do that, before the end of the year!

Until next time,


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