The Discovery Call. What Is it And What You Need To Know..

What is a Discovery Call?

You might have noticed this term being mentioned on social media:

“Get in touch for a discovery call”.

"Contact me for a free discovery call!".

“DM me to set up a no obligation discovery call”.

In the world of Virtual Freelancing, the discovery call is the first meeting that you will have when you are considering working with a particular Freelancer.

It’s called a Discovery call as it is an opportunity to discover what kind of assistance you are in search of, if that particular Freelancer can help you and if you will be a good fit, before committing to working together.

What you need to know about discovery calls:

  • Discovery calls are free - Think of them as a two way interview. While you are trying to figure out if this person is right for you and your business, the Freelancer is assessing your support needs and if they are the right person or have the capacity to assist you.

  • Discovery calls really do come without obligation - If you feel that this Freelancer isn’t a good fit for you, no problem! This is business after all.

  • The calls generally take place over zoom, Skype or similar video call apps - They can take place over the phone too but to build trust from the very beginning, it’s always good to see the face behind the name!

  • For an effective call, it is best to have a list of what it if you need assistance with ready - What are your pain points? What tasks do you spend too much time on or don't have the time to spend on at all? Is there a particular project you need help with? Having as much information as possible ready will be helpful for both parties during the call.

  • The Freelancer will generally ask you questions during this meeting - To assess if they can assist you, iron out details and figure out what they will need from you if the working relationship is to go forward.

  • Get YOUR questions ready - Is there anything that you want to know? Do you need more information on service rates and packages? Software knowledge or relevant experience? Feel free to ask these questions during the call.

  • By the end of the call - You should have a good idea as to whether this Freelancer can assist you. If you don't, feel free to ask further questions or look for further information via email.

  • After the call - The freelancer will generally send you more information and instruct you on how to engage them if you decide to go ahead.

Now that you know what a Discovery call is and how it works, why not book one with that virtual Freelancer you've been eyeing up to help you for a while?!

Remember, the calls come without obligation.

Have any questions?

Feel free to get in touch!

Until next time,


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