The Virtual Life: Internet Fatigue...

Scrolling, Refreshing, Liking, Sharing, Posting, Commenting, Reading and so on...

It can be exhausting!

It's not just social media. (We LOVE blaming social media at times!!)

It's work, the news, targeted advertising, gossip, memes, video calls, online shopping the list is endless!

We are constantly being provided with streams of information to sort through, getting distracted and swept up in a whirlwind of other peoples thoughts and opinions.

While we might enjoy the internet and the information it provides us with,

if we don't take a break every now and then, we end up getting caught up in the digital noise and it becomes tiring.

Tiring trying to keep up with everything and everyone all the time.

As an online business owner, the internet is part of my job!

So is social media and that makes it even more important to take a break from it when you can. Because if you don't, you could get overwhelmed by it!

Back in the day if you wanted to speak with someone, you either met them in person or gave them a call.

If they weren't available, that was that. You might try again tomorrow!

The Internet has made it possible for us to be contactable at all times.

Which, of course, is amazing in so many ways but it that makes it easier for us to get

overwhelmed by the barrage of emails, messages, video calls etc.

We used to only see news that concerned us and our local areas.

Now we see what's happening at all corners of the globe.

While that enlightens us, it can genuinely give you anxiety hearing of all

of the things that are happening in our world, especially when you see it all at once in your news app!!

Social Media started out as a way to keep in touch with family and friends,

now it is so much more than that.

Instead of being a member of one social media site, many of us are members of four or five!

We are being targeted by advertising and have influencers posting unrealistic images that

can make you feel inadequate.

So, do you ever turn the noise off? Give yourself a little break and get back to basics?

As an online business owner, its a good idea to give yourself regular breaks to avoid getting overwhelmed by it all. The best ways to give yourself a break are to either go offline or restrict your access to the internet.

Going offline:

Lots of people have taken to having technology free days.

They may choose a particular day of the week where they switch off their

technology and get back to real life!

I know some people who do this and they all describe how refreshed they feel after going offline!

Restricting Access:

To restrict your access you can set limits on apps on your phone.

For example, you can set it up that you can only access Facebook for one hour a day.

After that, you can't access it.

Parental locks on your wifi is also a great way to get some downtime.

It doesn't just have to be for the kids anymore!

Setting it to switch the wifi off on everyone's devices at a certain time in the day will

give everyone a break.

I will admit, I have yet to succeed at a technology free day myself.

However, I do keep trying!

I find that restricting my access has made a big difference to me and once I have

finished writing this, my phone is going in the drawer and I'm going to build a jigsaw with my Husband! (I know, so retro!)

Until next time,

Ellie x


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