The Virtual Life – Working wherever and whenever you please…

Living the Virtual Life and running an online business is flexible, just not always in the glamorous way that you might be led to believe.

Of course, at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are all at home but let’s talk non Covid times for a second.

I think we could all do with a break anyway, wouldn't you agree?

We've all seen the social media posts.

The ones that lure you into the idea that all online business owners are sitting on beaches or at tiny cafes at remote corners of the earth lapping up culture and sunshine while their businesses naturally thrive online.

Before I delved into the Virtual Life, that’s what I saw too!

Social media does not always equal reality.

We all know this, but it can be easy to forget!

Especially when you are stuck in an office in the depths of winter, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

While that life of fabulosity might be reality for a small few, for most of us, working wherever and whenever you please really means:

  • You can bring your laptop and working materials up to your bed if you don’t feel 100% that day, working from your bed means that the work still gets done;

  • You can do the school run and work around it;

  • You can actually attend an appointment in the middle of a week day (Gasps sharply! Shocker) and complete your work later on.

  • If you are visiting family or friends at the weekend, you don't need to rush home on a Sunday for work on a Monday, you just need your laptop;

  • You can move across the country or even abroad and bring your business with you.

  • You can walk your dog in the morning, instead of commuting into the city;

  • You can wear yoga pants all the time!! (Business on the top, comfy on the bottom).

You might think that some of that sounds pretty mundane!

And in ways it probably is, but the Virtual Life really can offer you that flexibility to live your life the way you want to.

Whether you are one of these mysterious traveling online business owners or someone who wants to balance work and family life on their own terms, the Virtual Life offers a flexibility you can't get in the traditional work place.

What is your favourite part about your flexible Virtual Life?

Until next time,

Ellie x


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