Why The 9 - 5 Lifestyle Is Going Out Of Fashion...

I once thought that living this lifestyle was the pinnacle of success.

That once you landed a 9 - 5, you had officially made it!

But the 9 - 5 is an outdated concept and the global pandemic that we have been living through in recent times has only made that fact more obvious.

The 9 - 5 was originally introduced

by Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) in 1926.

Ford introduced the 40 hour, 5 day work week for his assembly line workers partly to reduce their working hours. The change was groundbreaking at the time!

Ford once said -

“Just as the eight-hour day opened our way to prosperity in America, so the five-day work week will open our way to still greater prosperity. It is high time to rid ourselves of the notion that leisure for workers is either lost time or a class privilege".

Now, almost 100 years later, it's the 9 -5 that has become outdated.

Is it high time that we rid ourselves of the notion that we are to only live our lives on the weekend?!

Throughout my working life, I've worked in a few different industries and before I landed my first 9-5, I was pretty used to shift work.

It meant I could be working any day of the week and scheduled to work any shift throughout the day including the odd night shift.

I didn't mind shift work but I did envy those who had every weekend off.

Who enjoyed long bank holiday weekends and lived for Friday.

It was an enviable lifestyle that I wanted and felt like I needed in order to be successful!

So when I got my first 9-5 I thought that I had finally made it.

I enjoyed it for the first few months but then cracks began to show.

⭐️ I missed that midweek day off where I would get my life admin and housework sorted;

⭐️ If I wanted to do something on a work day I had to use my precious annual leave;

⭐️ I missed the spontaneity of shift work - 4 days off in a row without taking annual leave? Yes please!

I started to realise how rigid the lifestyle really is.

I felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

Wake, Bus, Work, Bus, Home, Eat, Sleep, Repeat x5..

And weekends weren't for fun like I had previously thought.

They were for laundry, cleaning and squeezing in rushed visits to family.

But this is what I thought success was so I didn't want to go backwards and I didn't know how to go forwards in a way that was meaningful to me.

These past 20 months have been a massive wake up call for us all!

Each of us have had the time to look at our lives and to realise what's truly important to us.

For many, going back to commuting on dark winter mornings, spending days sitting under fluorescent lighting and finding a quiet escape in order to eat a bland sandwich is no longer part of the plan.

People are now looking for greater flexibility and more balance.

To work to live instead of the other way around!

And rightly so!

Some went in search of greener pastures and changed their job during the 'Great Resignation'. Which is, apparently, beginning to gain traction again.

Others are figuring out how to go forwards without taking that tricky step sideways.

I can 100% relate to those who do not want to go back to the office or to the way things were.

I couldn't go back to that lifestyle myself, my new career as a Virtual Business owner has afforded me a heck of a lot more freedom and has a lot more perks!

In the last year, the world of Virtual Assistance and Freelancing has exploded on our little island of Ireland and it's not a surprise really..

While some company's are listening to their employees and working to introduce more balance, others simply won't consider it and are expecting their employees to return to the norm of 2019 as soon as they are summoned.