Rates & Packages


The rate for services is charged at €35 per hour.
If you want to guarantee monthly support, one of my packages might be more suitable for you.

Monthly retainer packages are ideal if you want to guarantee your monthly support.
My Virtual Associate offers three packages, providing varying levels of support to suit your requirements.
I also offer bespoke packages for those who may require more support each month.

Get in touch to find out more!

I use an online tool to track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown of hours.
If you have an assignment that requires urgent attention the rush assignment rate is charged at €40 per hour.

Some assignments will be charged at a flat rate which will be agreed prior to starting the work.
Please see the Terms and Conditions section to learn more about the procedure for urgent work.
Please note that monthly retainer packages are payable in advance.


6 Hours Guaranteed Monthly

Perfect if you are new to working with a Virtual Assistant or just need a little admin done.


12 Hours Guaranteed Monthly

Peace of mind that those administrative tasks you need help with, will get done.


30 Hours Dedicated
To You Every Month

Ideal for busy Business Owner's who require guaranteed support each month.